Southern Power Wash is an elite pressure washing company in Memphis and other cities across Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Specializing in exterior cleaning services. Our company can get your home looking brand new. We take pride in our work and we hope you’ll be part of our Southern Power Wash family!


Below is a list of service areas where we provide pressure washing services. If you don't see your area listed below, please give us a call. Our pressure washing experts are here to provide you with superb service for your Memphis area home.

Pressure Washing vs. Soft Washing

Pressure washing utilizes high-pressure water to clean durable surfaces, removing unwanted substances in the process. This high-pressured water can remove gunk and grime that has stained or polluted the surface. Soft washing is better suited for fragile surfaces such as roof cleaning, among many other intricate surfaces. Soft washing also soaks and kills harmful pollutants, as pressure washing usually separates these pollutants from the surface you are cleaning.

Why Pressure Wash Your Memphis Home?

Rather than replacing your siding, fence, driveway, or deck, why not reinvigorate your existing structures with expert pressure washing? Southern Power Wash specializes in delivering the ultimate efficiency and reliability with a professional range of pressure washing to suit any type of surface. This convenient and cost-effective process is fast thanks to the pressure of our jets, providing long-lasting results that will make your property feel brand new again.

Our service options cater to properties large and small, so call our Memphis team today to schedule your next pressure washing appointment.



These homeowners had started their own attempt at cleaning their shop/garage and quickly realized they needed a professional to get an A+ job! They called and said they needed it done in a somewhat quick time frame due to a party coming up at their house in the early spring. We delivered as always and they were very satisfied!


We cleaned up this commercial building's concrete and they were shocked at the outcome! The owner told us that it has never looked this good in years! This specific concrete cleaning was cleaned with a soft-wash process, followed by high-pressure cleaning.

Brick Patio Cleaning in Memphis, TN

We got this brick patio that was so covered in moss looking new! The homeowners had a party coming up and we were able to take care of it before! We began with a pre-treatment of plants and shrubs with water, applied cleaning solution with our soft wash application! Finally, we used pressure and got what was left off and looked brand new! Not only does soft wash with our solution clean the area but it also sanitizes it. Leaving it healthy to be around!

The cost of pressure washing will vary from project to project, as well as what is being pressure washed.

A Good rule of thumb when calculating the cost of pressure washing services is about 15 cents a square foot. Although this will vary.

You can pressure wash brick, although you may want to ask what is it you are acutally trying to clean from the brick surface.

For example if the brick you are wanting to clean has a white substance, this is known as efflorescence. This cannot be removed with pressure washing, and needs a professional chemical to clean.

Soft washing is much like pressure washing in that it will achieve the same goal of cleaning most exterior surfaces. Soft washing leverages chemicals to do all the hard cleaning, vs pressure washing which uses high pressure.

The added benefit of soft washing is that for surfaces like siding and roofs, you don't have to worry about potential damage.

In most cases you actually don't want to pressure wash a roof, you may want to opt for soft washing. Unless your roof is tile, or metal.

In a lot of cases pressure washing alone may be enough to clean concrete and make it look new again. However, in other cases we use a post treatment and sometimes even a per-treatment to ensure the concrete gets as clean as possible.

The main use for a hot water pressure washing machine are for things like grease and oil. The pressure washer applies hot water to the surface making it easier for the chemicals to clean the surface.

The short answer is yes, but you should wait as long as you possibly can. The time we recommend is at least a month. If you plan to have your newly poured concrete cleaned hire a reliable concrete cleaning company like ours to ensure you don't cause any damage.


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Mershon Cummings
Mershon Cummings
We did not expect the amazing difference once Clint finished with our patio, pool deck, drive way, walkway and front porch. Everything looks brand new! So pleased. Highly recommend!
Phylis Buck
Phylis Buck
Clint was on time and did a great job! The patio and sidewalks look like brand new! Thanks for a job well done!
Quinton Stine
Quinton Stine
Clint did an amazing job! My house definitely needed a Spring cleaning and now my house, walkway, and porch all look brand new. Clint was very responsive, professional, and got the job done quickly! I HIGHLY recommend Southern Power Wash and will be telling everyone I can about him. And will also continue to use him every year for our “Spring cleaning”!
Zach Waters
Zach Waters
Clint is excellent. He was patient, responsive and did an incredible job claiming our garage floor, front and back patio. Would definitely recommend!
Cecil Humphreys
Cecil Humphreys
Great job. Would recommend highly.
Patrick Maier
Patrick Maier
Clint showed up on time and had the job done faster than we expected. He was courteous and laid out a very clear expectation of exactly what he was going to do. Thanks to him our 20+ year old deck looks brand new! Will definitely use again!
anna catherine strong
anna catherine strong
clint did an amazing job!!! we are absolutely speechless about the results!!! clint was super professional and worked so hard to make our home clean!!! CALL HIM ASAP!!!!
Dina Cashon
Dina Cashon
Great job. My home is 21 years old and after Southern Power Wash was done it looks like a new home. I was very impressed with Clinton. I will reuse this service for any future need. I also highly recommend Southern Power Wash.