Pressure Washing Your Home

Pressure Washing: WHAT IS IT?

Pressure washing might seem an extravagance. However, it needs to be a part of your maintenance routine. There are harsh elements that your home is exposed to all the time. Natural conditions such as insects, birds, ultraviolet rays, dirt, and wind along with car exhaust, pollutants, smoke, and acid road tend to take a toll on your property and contribute to damage, discoloration, and soiling. This is why pressure washing is needed to protect your home.

Pressure washing is used to effectively clean surfaces such as your roof, patio, deck, and sidewalk and need lots of water. Without high pressure and large amounts of water, it would not be possible to remove debris, mold, allergens, and grime.

An average pressure washing machine uses up to 8 gallons of water a minute. At Southern Power Wash, we only use high-efficiency pressure washing machines to deliver power washing that does not use a lot of water. We use advanced machines to provide the best pressure washing service.

Different Surface Requirements:

Every surface requires different amounts of pressure as mentioned below.

  • Decks: Light pressure that is around 1,000 to 2,000 PSI should be able to clean wooden decks easily. As wood tends to be soft, too much pressure would damage it.
  • Stone, Pool, and Concrete: When it comes to stone, pool, or concrete cleaning, high-efficiency pressure cleaning machines are essential. Otherwise, it would be impossible to remove oil and grease. About 2,000 to 3,000 PSI should be enough for cleaning these surfaces efficiently.
  • Heavy-Duty Pressure Washing: At around 3,000 to 6,000 PSI, heavy-duty pressure washing can be very strong. This is why it is considered dangerous. It can even remove paint from the surface. Only a trained pressure cleaner can use this setting.

Improve Your Properties Curb Appeal

A major reason why you should consider getting pressure washing is to improve the curb appeal of your property. Pressure washing your home does an impeccable job at improving the value of the structure. It would make sure that the property looks appealing. Whether you pressure wash your home or commercial premises, it ensures that the exterior aspects of the property look spotless.

Prevent Repairs

Dirt, algae, mold growth, and bird droppings can damage your home if left unattended. Certain building materials like brick tend to deteriorate with time if they are not washed. You can prevent this through power washing/ pressure washing. It allows you to clean the gutters, roof, windows, and walls to help you save big on maintenance costs.

For instance, bird droppings tend to be very acidic and may weaken the gutter systems or roof which could lead to the roof breaking or collapsing altogether. Cleaning these droppings would prevent further buildup and reduce the possibility of structural damage.

If the grime remains on the surfaces and stains are not removed, permanent damage is likely. Mold would damage the concrete coatings if left unaddressed for an extended period of time. Since mold consumes the paint, it would remove it. Besides, moisture buildup during the winter may cause significant damage to the exterior surfaces.

Moreover, crevices are highly susceptible to dirt, grime, and algae accumulating. If there is shade, you would have even more issues as mold thrives in shaded spots and quickly spread to cover the entire property. Through power washing, you get to remove dirt and grime and also prevent permanent damage from occurring.

Thoroughly Clean Every Area Of Your property

Not only do the roof, windows, and walls benefit from pressure washing but so do other parts of the property which you might have overlooked. Some of the spaces that will be pressure washed include the walkways and sidewalks. The process would remove garbage stains and unsightly oil. Besides, pressure washing does an impressive job when it comes to cleaning awnings, facades, parking lots, dumpster areas, loading docks, and parking garages. The cleaning would provide the results that you are looking for.

Promote Health

Pressure washing will make your home or work environment a lot better. You can rely on it to eliminate harmful substances such as bird droppings, algae, mildew, dirt, dust, pollutants, and pollen which are known for causing negative health consequences like diseases, allergies, and trouble breathing.

Through pressure washing, you should be able to remove all these substances and make sure that they do not develop. Besides, you will be glad to know that professional cleaning prevents slips and falls which are quite common. Power washing the parking garages, walkways, sidewalks, and other surfaces would remove mold, grease, and other substances which result in people slipping and getting hurt.

Maintenance Saves Money

After you have purchased a property, you will need to protect your investment. Although the cost of maintenance might seem hefty when you have to pay off your mortgage and bills, you should consider it as an investment in itself as it would safeguard your home and save you more money. A bit of preventative maintenance is necessary for avoiding expensive repairs.

When you regularly seek power washing/ pressure washing and include it in your maintenance routine, you get to cut down on overall maintenance costs. In fact, the service would make your home look new for many years. This is why it is considered a cost-effective option for home maintenance. It is important that you wash the entire exterior thoroughly to ensure that you have nothing to worry about.

Besides, you will appreciate the fact that power washing costs less money when compared to repainting or refinishing. Even if you want to repaint your property, pressure washing will help provide more effective results. It is due to this reason that you should seriously consider hiring an expert.

Increase Property Value

A great thing about pressure washing is that it can increase your property value. It does not matter whether you are planning to sell your home or not as it makes perfect sense to focus on improving the value of your property. As time passes, exteriors tend to discolor and degrade.

To prevent your property from losing value, you should consider power washing. It will provide a fresh look that is hard to beat. It will make sure that your property is free of chipping peeling. You will also be glad to see that your home looks completely new. If you are a landlord, you would also have an easier time selling or even renting out your home. As pressure washing enhances the exterior of your property, you can expect an increase in the value of your property.

Why Choose US?

At Southern Power Wash, we provide the best pressure washing service. We care about the environment and are eco-conscious. Our team goes out of its way to provide an efficient pressure washing service that you can rely on. 

Pressure washing is recommended for domestic, commercial, and industrial cleaning. No matter which type of surface might require cleaning, we are the best pressure washing company for the job. We use special  chemicals to remove substances like grease, oil, gum, graffiti, and even sun baked stains. Nothing is more important to us than to effectively clean each surface with maximum care.

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