The #1 House Washing Services Near Me In Memphis, TN

Southern Power Wash can take care of your Memphis house pressure washing needs. You won’t find a better company for house pressure washing in Memphis. Don’t leave the important job of home maintenance to the amateurs.

Here are some of the ways house pressure washing can help your investment:

  • It improves your property value.
  • It is simply pleasing to have your walls cleaned.
  • The cleaning takes care of loose grit that might damage your outdoor property.

More often than not, the foundations, sidewalks, and even walls of houses are made of concrete, which is why Southern Power Wash specializes in removing stains from concrete. Our house pressure washing services will be offered to the fine people of Memphis at a fair price, always.

before and after house pressure washing

Southern Power Wash Is Your Best Choice for House Pressure Washing Services

The exterior home cleaning professionals at Southern Power Wash have the best-equipped pressure washing teams and skills to take care of your property!

House pressure washing is a tricky subject when it comes to how much pressure you should use. The simplest answer for new pressure washer owners is that: it’s complicated. It depends on the materials you’re washing, what kinds of stains you need to wash out, and so on.

Vinyl siding can be washed easily at mid-level pressures, but brick and mortar walls need softer washing and special attention to make sure the pressure washer doesn’t damage the wall. Concrete is sturdier and doesn’t need to be washed softly, but does need to be sealed. The psi for concrete washing should sit at around 3000. Softer surfaces like wood and packed aggregate can be washed anywhere from 1000 and 2000 psi.

No matter what external house washing service you need, from driveway washing to sidewalk cleaning, you can always count on our experienced team to provide you with the best service and results you’ll find in Memphis. Call our Memphis offices today for a free house washing quote!