The #1 Roof Cleaning Services Near Me In Memphis, TN

If you want an excellent roof cleaning service that will make your shingles look better than ever, then there’s only one roof cleaning company you can trust. Southern Power Wash is Memphis’ premier roof cleaning company, and we can bring your shingles to an outstanding sparkle.

Roof cleaning is a messy business, and no one knows that better than Southern Power Wash. Our technicians have been pressure washing for Memphis for quite some time now, and we’ve seen dirty roofs in all shapes and sizes. Part of our pressure washing philosophy is that you treat every surface area as if it were your own, and that’s one of the reasons our customers rely on us time and time again for all their roof cleaning and house washing needs. When you want a superior roof cleaning service that will beautify and protect your shingles in the Memphis area, then look no further than Southern Power Wash.

roof pressure washing before and after


Plenty of people know what pressure washing is, but not too many know what soft washing is. Southern Power Wash uses soft washing technology and methods for all of our roof cleaning services. Soft washing is a form of low-pressure washing that utilizes very little water pressure but uses a greater mixture of potent cleaning solutions.

This cocktail of heated water and cleaning agents is showered onto a surface area using a wide-range nozzle, and the result is a powerful cleansing foam that soaks your shingles. The soft washing foam quickly breaks apart any attaching contaminants on your roof and allows our technicians to rinse them away, revealing a thorough and immaculately clean surface. Soft washing is proven to be the best method for roof cleaning because it doesn’t risk damaging or dislodging your shingles or sealants as standard pressure washing does.

Our well-trained team can handle your toughest roof cleaning challenges without breaking a sweat. We’ll help you take your curb appeal to a whole new level and give your Memphis home a clean that will leave you with the cleanest roof on the block. Give us a call today and let us give your roof a phenomenal freshness that will knock your socks off!