About Southern Power Wash - A Memphis Pressure Washing Company You Can Depend On

Let Southern Power Wash be your go-to for pressure washing in Memphis! Founded by Clint Channell in Memphis in March of 2019, Southern Power Wash has years of exterior cleaning experience from its collective pressure washer team.

We take pride in our work just like you take pride in your home, that’s why you get the best of the best with us! Clint chose the pressure washer industry because he loves cleaning and saw a pretty big need for it here in Memphis.

Southern Power Wash aims to create long-lasting relationships with its clients based on trust, professionalism, and cleanliness! Nothing puts a smile on our face more than seeing you overjoyed at the way your home looks, brand new! We guarantee you won’t regret being a part of the Southern Power Wash family because no one wants a dirty exterior and that’s why you call on the house washing pros at Southern Power Wash!

Not one of our pressure washer services outweighs the other. Everything we do is top-notch with top-of-the-line equipment: from cleaning concrete to soft washing your roof. While lesser pressure washer companies just want to get paid and leave, we want to make sure you’re happy with the results, which we promise you will be the first time. If not, we will immediately fix the issue!

Pressure washing isn’t just about curb appeal; what’s also important that no one really thinks about is the integrity of the material being cleaned. Exterior cleaning is important in keeping your property sanitized, clean, and protected for a longer-lasting home or building. You will be shocked at how clean your property will look and make you feel awesome about your home. Whether it’s cleaning your deck, roof, concrete, driveway, or anything else, you can trust us to do our best!   

We promise to give you the BEST pressure washer service you’ve ever had and the BEST customer service possible. If you’ve been looking for the best pressure washer company in Memphis, look no further. Welcome to SPW!