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Prepping Your Home To Paint

Power Washing Has it been a long time since you last cleaned the exterior of your home? All you need is power washing. It makes all the difference. You will be amazed by what it can do for you. It will get rid of dirt and grime from your property to ensure that it is squeaky clean. If you have not hired power wash services in the past, you are missing out as it can make all the difference. The fact is that you cannot expect to take on the work on your own. Besides, it is not recommended to use harsh chemicals to scrub the surface. It is due to this reason that most homeowners tend to look up “power washing companies near me”. Here’s everything you need to know about it. Do You Need to Pressure Wash a Property Before a Paint Job? When it comes to painting your property, it is recommended to hire a power washing/ pressure washing service. Through a power wash, you get to eliminate loose paint, dirt, debris, and grime. It ensures that you get a clean and dry surface to get paint on. With power washing, you can expect to get an amazing paint job done. Hence, it is the way to go. What Makes Pressure Washing Difference from Soft Washing? As the main suggests, soft washing uses lower pressure and a high volume of water along with a cleaning solution to clean a surface such as a roof. On the other hand, pressure washing uses high pressure and does not require as much water or detergent. Pressure washing is best suited for removing tough stains from exterior surfaces. As for soft washing, it works best when cleaning delicate surfaces such as vinyl and wood siding. This is why a soft wash is performed for maintaining the paint, whereas, a pressure wash is suggested before the paint job. Why Is Pressure Washing Recommended? The truth is that painting the exterior of your house can be costly. It has to be done right to avoid mistakes. If you are unable to clean the surface, the grime would cause a great deal of trouble. Besides, if you paint over a dirty surface, it would decrease the life of the paint. By preparing the surface, you get to make sure that you get a long-lasting paint job. A professional pressure wash is recommended before the paint job as it would help clean the surface and eliminate the oxidation layer. Thus, you can expect the new paint coating to be able to stick to the surface more easily. Is It Possible to Paint Over Dirty Siding? Why It Is Not A Good Idea To Paint Over Dirty Siding? When anyone applies paint over dirty siding, it would be difficult for the paint to stick. This is why you have to ensure that the surface is perfectly clean if you want the new paint to adhere properly. If you fail to do so, the paint would be unable to penetrate into the siding which would only lead to premature peeling. What Would Happen If You Paint Your Home Without First Pressure Washing It? Since your house is likely to be dirty, you will have to get it pressure washed in order for it to get painted. The reason behind this is that you would be unable to achieve a thorough bond between the exterior materials if the surface has dirt, oxidation, or contamination. Even if the paint looks decent initially, it would quickly crack and peel within a short period of time. Then, you would have to spend money on repainting the property which would prove inconvenient and rather expensive. This is why you have to consider power washing services. How Long Can Exterior Paint Last? There is no exact lifespan of exterior paint. However, you can expect it to last anywhere from 5 to 25 years. It all comes down to the substrate and maintenance. Unlike vinyl or aluminum which can last up to 20 years, wood siding only lasts for 5 years. But, it is worth keeping in mind that regular soft washing can help protect the paint and ensure that it lasts longer. Should You Power Wash Your Painted Property? If you have freshly painted your home, it is not recommended that you get it power washed as the high pressure would cause the paint to peel, crack, or bubble. Instead, it is best that you opt for a soft wash to ensure that your property remains clean and the paint lasts longer. When it comes to the soft wash, the detergents used would help break down algae, mold, mildew, and other harmful contaminants. Besides, it is biodegradable. Hence, you have nothing to worry about. In order to prepare for the soft wash, all you have to do is close all of the windows and the professional power washing company would take care of everything. How Long Should You Wait After A Power Wash To Paint Your Home? Generally, you should be able to paint your property the next day. It is advised that you first perform a touch test for making sure that the surface is in fact dry. Now, you must not wait for a month or two to paint your property after a power wash as it would accumulate some dirt and grime which would make it more difficult to get the results that you desire. What Are The Advantages of Getting a Professional Power Wash? There are a number of benefits of a professional power wash as mentioned below. 1. Maintain the Exterior One of the main benefits of a professional power wash is that you get to maintain the exterior. The fact is that the home exteriors should be able to combat all sorts of weather elements such as rain, sun, and hail. With time, the exterior of your property would oxidize, discolor, and degrade which would affect the value of your home. Therefore, a power wash should